Mike Dostert

1991 to 2022:  FAA Senior Aerospace Engineer in propulsion Section of Transport Airplane Directorate Standards Staff. Responsible for developing new safety regulations and Advisory Circulars/policy and guidance for compliance with the Propulsion sections of Part 25 regulations. Propulsion technical specialist on foreign Certification projects including Airbus, Embraer, Dornier, SAAB, Dassault projects. FAA representative on post-accident industry safety reviews, such as the Lauda 767 accident thrust reverser team, the TWA800 fuel tank safety team, and the Concorde return to service team.

Team Specialist for new regulations and Advisory Circulars intended to prevent ignition sources in fuel tanks and controlling fuel tank flammability through implementing nitrogen inerting systems.  National Air Traffic Controllers Association representative for many of the FAA safety engineers in the Seattle Regional Office. Coauthored Pre Decisional Involvement report signed by representatives from three unions focused on preventing the FAA from giving for profit companies the authority to make findings their products met FAA safety requirements. Following the 737 Max accidents, became a whistleblower and provided documentation to both the House and Senate committees.  I retired from the FAA in July of 2022.

1988 to 1991: FAA Aerospace Engineer in Seattle Aircraft Certification office. Responsible for review and oversight of Boeing certification projects Designees, writing Airworthiness Directives

1980 to 1988:  Engineer working as wind tunnel model designer, 757 Engine Installation Certification Engineer, 747/767 Engine Installation and Fuel System Engineer. Participated in certification testing and development of certification documents. DER in training and lead fuel systems engineer on 777 before accepting position at FAA.

1981: BSME from University of Washington.