About The Foundation for Aviation Safety

We believe in the power of transparency.

We closely monitor the aviation industry and the government agencies responsible for regulating the industry.

We strive to improve aviation safety by exploring, investigating, and exposing significant issues that affect commercial aviation. The goal is to drive meaningful changes with manufacturers, airlines, and government agencies. The foundation aims to be a trusted source of reliable, evidence-based information—promoting transparency.

We conduct in-depth investigations and analysis to shed light on complex problems to broaden public awareness. We seek to uncover systemic problems. Our goal is to help drive positive changes through education and information.

Our History

The Foundation for Aviation Safety is a continuation of the work by dedicated safety advocates, who have worked diligently to bring public attention to the profit over safety corporate culture and ineffective government oversight that led to two Boeing 737 MAX airplane crashes in 2018 and 2019. Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 were preventable tragedies that resulted in the deaths of 346 people (one rescue diver also lost his life during the recovery operations).

Impact and Advocacy

We aim to translate our research into tangible impact and positive change. The foundation works closely with policymakers, NGOs, grassroots organizations, and other stakeholders to advocate for policy reforms, legislative changes, and social initiatives based on its findings. We also engage in public campaigns and forums to mobilize support, foster public dialogue, and empower the public to become better informed and catalysts for change. Through our commitment to rigorous research, transparency, and advocacy, we intend to make a significant and lasting global impact.

Services Provided

In addition to sharing our research, expertise, and passion we provide customized education and training to educational organizations, government entities, and businesses. Please contact us to learn more at info@foundationforaviationsafety.org.


The Foundation for Aviation Safety employs a rigorous and multidisciplinary approach to its research and investigations. We collaborate with experts, scholars, and field specialists to gather data, conduct interviews, and analyze evidence. We value independence, impartiality, and integrity--ensuring our research adheres to the highest standards of accuracy and ethics and assure its actions are not constrained.

Executive Director